Can Kinesiology help with infertility

Infertility might feel like a hopeless situation for people who want to start a family. However, any treatment’s support provides a vital perspective.

In recent years, an enormous number of couples have inquired, “Can Kinesiology help with infertility?

Undoubtedly, infertility is upsetting, especially if no cause can be identified. For some, the desire to have a child is so strong that they resort to costly alternatives such as IVF treatment. However, this is not always successful. According to NHS options in 2010, the following percentage of IVF treatments resulted in a live birth:

  • 32.2 percent of women under the age of 35 
  • 27.7 percent for women aged between 35 to 37 
  • 20.8 percent for women aged between 38 to 39 
  • 13.6 percent for women aged between 40 to 42 
  • 5% for women aged between 43 to 44 
  • 1.9 percent for women aged between 44 and up

Fertility rates have fallen due to a variety of factors, including a poor diet deficient in essential nutrients, the contraceptive pill/implant/marina coil, stress, and chemical endocrine (hormonal) disruptors found in perfume, food additives, and cleaning products.

Modern living has many advantages, but it also introduces new stress and tensions, some of which we are aware of, but many of which we are not, and which may contribute to infertility.

With The Help Of Kinesiology, You Can Make A Lot Of Changes To Improve Your Fertility. 

Many of my clients have felt helpless and hopeless about their inability to conceive (or maintain a pregnancy) until they realise there is so much they can do to improve their fertility. When customers stay with Kinesiology, they have the best chance of overcoming infertility. This includes eating the right foods and following the lifestyle recommendations obtained from muscle testing.

Here Are A Few Ways That Can Improve Infertility.

  • Follow the diet for your blood group. 
  • 2 litres of water each day is recommended. 
  • Remove any processed sugar from your diet. Fruits that are appropriate for your blood group should be consumed. 
  • Zinc, trace minerals, omega 3 fatty acids, and B vitamins should all be taken in the proper form. (All should be tested by a kinesiologist because the strength and brands will not fit everyone and some will have no effect.) Zinc improves the quality of eggs and strengthens and speeds up the swimming of sperm tails. Many body functions rely on trace minerals to function properly. Omega 3 aids in the softening of eggs (making them more permeable) and the strengthening of sperm. B vitamins help the body adapt and minimise the stress cycle.
  • Consult a Kinesiologist to be tested and balanced.

As we can see, there are numerous things that we can easily implement to make significant changes in our bodies. There are many case studies where, with the support from kinesiology, many ladies have become pregnant and they now have lovely and healthy babies.

Kinesiology provides people with the tools they need to take control of their health, change their lives, and possibly even have a new life.

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