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Know How Kinesiology Can Aid To Overcome Intolerances/Sensitivities

Intolerances/Sensitivities are at the root cause of many vexing symptoms, including digestive issues, skin responses, and hay fever, to mention a few. Using Kinesiology muscle testing procedures, they can determine what foods or other items your body energetically rejects. What health kinesiology approach is required to repair it? What can you anticipate when it has […]

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How does Kinesiology help eliminating Pain and Recover your Health?

Kinesiology incorporates holistic health adjustments including ESR, bodywork, and visualisation. Kinesiology collects information about an individual’s health through the delicate technique of muscle testing. The physical and neurological systems connect each muscle in our body to our brain. Gentle, non-invasive procedures are used to identify blockages. Kinesiology assists us in accessing particular information to support […]

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How Kinesiology Can Help You Better Deal with Anxiety?

Kinesiology is derived from the term kinesis and is pronounced kinn-easy-ology (moving energy). It recognises and corrects stress (energy imbalances) in the body very effectively. While doing so, it improves and strengthens the person’s performance, natural healing ability, and overall quality of life. Finally, kinesiology aids people in becoming healthier and happier. Kinesiology began in […]

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Planning for Joy with Kinesiology

When it comes to maintaining our well-being, joy is arguably the most important emotion. The absence of joy in my clients’ lives is the most common emotional stressor I see. This lack of joy has a greater impact on our body’s circuits or systems than any other emotional stressor. Treating The Whole Body Instead Of […]

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Can Kinesiology help with infertility

Infertility might feel like a hopeless situation for people who want to start a family. However, any treatment’s support provides a vital perspective. In recent years, an enormous number of couples have inquired, “Can Kinesiology help with infertility?” Undoubtedly, infertility is upsetting, especially if no cause can be identified. For some, the desire to have […]

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How Kinesiology Helps with Stress: A Guide

Kinesiology is one of the best treatments to manage emotional stress. While emotional stress might vary from person to person, the most common outcomes of stress include depression, anxiety and overwhelming fear. Kinesiology is a powerful tool that takes a holistic approach that includes techniques like counselling, pressure puncturing, vibrational remedies as well as mindfulness […]

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Health Kinesiology For Fertility

Kinesiology is based on traditional Chinese medicine, which is more like a natural therapy. Kinesiology combines the western techniques of physical wellness with the eastern traditions that promote emotional, mental and spiritual health and well-being. In simpler words, Kinesiology helps your body heal itself from the physical or emotional diseases it struggles with. When you […]

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