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Yes, there is. When you recommend 5 people who take up at least one session you will get 1 free session

This is the way she reacts to shifts of energy in the body.

Sometimes a type of homework comes up during a session it can be exercises or affirmations or something else. Doing the homework is a very important aspect in integrating the work being done and neglecting it can slow down the healing process

Immediately after the session you will feel calm and relaxed. Depending on the type of issues you are dealing seeing full results can take anything between few hours and couple of weeks

Each adult session lasts for between 50-55 mins. Sessions with children are usually shorter and last about 30 mins

At the beginning of a session you will be invited to lie down on a couch, fully clothed, or stay seated if you prefer and rest one of your elbows on a table (or couch).

The therapist will be working with muscle of your forearm to monitor responses from your body. The therapist will first find out which corrections you need and then perform them one at the time. Before each correction she will discuss with you what needs to be done and how it’s going to happen.

On your first visit you will be asked to fill in a confidential client questionnaire and list all the areas/issues you wish to improve/work on once you lie down, the therapist will balance your energy system by touching points around your navel, head and/or feet if necessary once your energy system is balances she will question your body how many sessions are needed to resolve the issue you wish to address. If you are happy to proceed she will start the work.