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Improve communication between your employees to reduce conflict and boost team cohesion

Boost Productivity

Help your employees deal with mental/emotional issues they are facing so they can focus their energy on their work and become more effective

Talent retention

It’s not a secret that in the competitive job market it is hard to retain talent. By offering your employees extra care so they can become better versions of themselves you will also give them a greater satisfaction from working for your business

People make business

Business is only as effective as people creating it. In recent years companies invest more
into their employees to secure high job satisfaction and productivity. Natural Bioenergetics
offers individualized approach, which addresses specific individual needs of each team
member, helping them to function at their full potential

Team conflict reduction/ improved communication

When working in a team or clients alike clear communication is essential to ensure
smooth operation of the business and client satisfaction. For each of your team members
there might be different reasons why they get in conflict with their colleagues or can’t
communicate clearly. A workshop in communication skills can be helpful, however issues
can lie much deeper than lack of skills. If a given person has subconscious blockages or
patterns that cause them to create conflict or stop them from clear communication, no
amount of training will change these behaviours. They will be seen as the difficult employee
but if their skill set is very hard to replace then Natural Bioenergetics can be the solution you
are looking for. By addressing their individual issues stopping them from optimal functioning
you can boost cohesion and communication within your team and with your clients

Boosting productivity/ reducing absenteeism

You may have employees with a high skill set but if they are facing difficult time, or
struggle mentally and emotionally, their productivity will be lowered and there are chances
that they will require more sick days. By offering your employees access to Health
Kinesiology sessions you can help them to function at their full potential, remove root causes
behind their low productivity, thus boosting performance. Kinesiology work helps to boost
immune system and increases vitality resulting in reduction of number of sick days.
Individualised approach means that each persons needs will be met exactly where they
need them, maximising effectiveness of this approach.