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Skin problems

Natural, effective resolution of acne, eczema and other skin problems without need for steroids and medications

Learning Difficulties/Improving school performance

Naturally unlock their full potential so they can thrive academically, and in their after school activities

Food intolerances

Resolving issues with food and other substance intolerances. Relief from hayfever and improving gut health

For Children

As parents we want the best for our children and seeing them suffer be it physically or emotionally can be heartbreaking and leave the parent feeling helpless. Health Kinesiology is a gentle system that can be safely used on children of any age (even in utero). Because the session is lead by the child body’s needs, the amount of work done is never too much. In work with very young children and babies a parent can be used as a proxy to muscle monitor and session adjusted to child’s needs in length and set up


More and more children develop food intolerances and other substance sensitivities. Usual avoiding the offending substance is enough to prevent unpleasant symptoms however exclusieve and restrictive diets can be especially hard on children when they can’t have same foods as their friends during birthday parties and other social gatherings. Natural Bioenergetics can help to re-educate your child’s energy system to correctly recognise substances they come in contact with. This is so they no longer reject nutrients and remove toxins instead storing them, as well as increase their tolerance to offending substances – like dairy or gluten or any other foods that used to cause an issue.

Skin Problems

In recent times a lot more children suffer with hives, eczema and other skin problems compared to the past. The current recommended treatment are steroid creams and moisturisers. Research shows that prolonged use of steroid creams causes thinning of skin and actually increased itching and can become problematic in it self. For some parents using steroids on young children can be seen as a last resort option. Natural Bioenergetics can naturally resolve the root causes that manifest as skin issues thus reducing or even eliminating need for steroids.

School performance/Learning difficulties

Energy blockages can cause symptoms not only on physical but also on mental and emotional levels. These can manifest as procrastination, low self esteem, learning/reading difficulties, fears and anxieties, limiting belief systems, poor memory function, difficulties focusing, intrusive thoughts and many more. Health Kinesiology can address the blockages on psychological and mental functioning levels allowing you to function at your full potential.