Health Kinesiology For Fertility

Kinesiology is based on traditional Chinese medicine, which is more like a natural therapy. Kinesiology combines the western techniques of physical wellness with the eastern traditions that promote emotional, mental and spiritual health and well-being. In simpler words, Kinesiology helps your body heal itself from the physical or emotional diseases it struggles with. When you consult a Kinesiology practitioner, what he or she does is that they monitor your muscles and energy that flows through your body. Through this practice, they can find the underlying stress, anxiety, fear and pain that your body holds up in different parts and forms. In kinesiology, tools like sound, colour and oils are made use of to enhance the healing and bring out the best results.

How does Kinesiology help in Infertility?

Pregnancy is a stage that makes both men and women vulnerable. Throughout the process or even after that your body and mind goes through a lot of stress and uncertainty. New emotions might hit the whole family hard, sometimes harder than you can fathom. Even the older kids might be seen showing differences in their behaviour during this course period.

However, if the case is of infertility, the amount of stress and struggles will be doubled and tripled. From finding it difficult to conceive to keeping the hormones and emotions in check, infertility can create a lot of stress and exhaustion. In situations like these, kinesiology can help in leaps and bounds.

One of the most common feelings you and your partner might experience during infertility is the constant fear of not being able to achieve what you want to, along with the feeling of loss and defeat. Kinesiology will help you reach out to these emotional and mental and physical “triggers” that elevate your tension and give you the right solution and approach you need to follow that will reward you the best possible way.

Whenever a couple struggles with becoming pregnant, stress builds up, and both of the parties start to ask the question “is it me?”. This can lead to creating ridges and gaps in your relationship and most of the time you will have to spend a lot of money for infertility treatments such as IVF. One hidden factor that causes infertility quite a lot of times is stress and the building up pressure.

Kinesiology can be of great help to tackle these emotional and energetic reasons that are affecting your ability to carry a child. Kinesiology addresses infertility by working with the factors such as:

1. Nervous system and underlying stress.
2. Myths and false beliefs you carry in your mind.
3. Genetic memory and family history
4. Endocrine systems and hormonal variables
5. Breathing techniques
6. The energy system of your body aka the Chakra system

Kinesiology understands the biochemical characteristics of your body through structural assessments and formulates counseling approaches that are safe to your body and mind.

Kinesiology can help you overcome unwelcome anxiety and fear and also help you find your positive energy and affirmation within without putting you and your partner through difficult and painful situations.

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