How Kinesiology can help us overcome Primitive Fears

Right from the beginning of our birth, we approach new things with caution. It is the law of nature that makes us fear new things. However, the same wisdom that helps us survive as we grow up can become a reason that will make us succumb in certain life situations. While it is important to know the risks and dangers of every step we take, it is also important to not let this fear of the unknown consume our will to take challenges.

The fear of new things, also known as ‘Neophobia’, is one of the many things that occur due to our brain’s activity. Primitive fears or the fears that we have as human beings from a very early stage, mostly since our birth, happen due to the fight or flight response controlled by a certain area of the brain called the Amygdala. The control amygdala has over these impulsive responses is so strong that we have little or almost no control over it. However, it is connected to our memory on an automatic level and is why we have learned a lot of life lessons during our childhood. For example, only once will a child burn its finger knowingly with fire, right?

The same reflex actions that stop us from doing dangerous things can sometimes get heightened and stop us from taking even the slightest challenge. Primitive fears can impact our life and mind more than we can assume. That’s when Kinesiology comes to play. Kinesiology can help us balance the excess fear and makes it easy for us to tackle new challenges.

What is Kinesiology

Kinesiology is closely related to acupuncture but without the needles. Good acupuncture can make your mind and body relaxed, even when it employs needles. Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese medical practice. The Chinese way of medication looks at the body as an electronic circuit system where instead of electricity, energy is what flows. Acupuncture, in short, clears the blocks of these routes, making it easy for the energy to freely flow through the body. Needles are used in the blockages or the under and overcharged paths of our body and encourage the energy to flow, resolving the issues.

Kinesiology, on the other hand, is slightly different. Instead of energy, it measures and aids stress. When we fear something, our body’s stress levels will change, and the stress can be measured in both physical and energetic levels. Kinesiology tries to balance out these energy systems and calms the mind, resulting in the stoppage of fear.

From a neurological point of view, this is how the brain reacts at the time of healing. So, for example, if you can see how the brain reacts during the time of ‘fearing new things, you will notice that the Amygdala has lightened up, and the other parts of the brain that are indulged in the fight or flight response are active as well.

What Kinesiology does is that it changes what the Amygdala is doing. Acupressure is applied on certain areas of the body while the patient is asked to think of what they are afraid of. The stress can be visibly seen decreasing during the procedure. However, not everyone’s brain stimulates or functions the same way, so it is important to consider which method is most effective to de-stress the brains of different individuals.

Kinesiology to conquer Primitive Fears

It leaves the secure position inside the womb during a child’s birth and enters the world where its body has to protect itself from various factors. These overwhelming sensations are primarily due to primitive reflexes designed to keep the child from dangers and help it survive. These Reflexes condition the involuntary movements endorsed by the brain stem and performed without conscious thought cycles. These reflexes are crucial for the baby’s survival, and it is what helps the infant later to walk, run, jump, and essentially become an upright human being. On some occasions, however, these reflexes influence babies and children to a time beyond necessary. And these can affect the children in various ways and cause complications in learning and behaviour.

The primitive or primal fears can be the results of both conscious or unconscious actions. These fears either become lodged in the mind due to the trauma that has directly affected the fetus or the newborn or the osmosis transferred through the mother. Luckily the health kinesiology correction can help to clear these blockages of the energy patterns. A practised kinesiology practitioner can help merge the energy feedback from the body to the brain and control the primitive fears. Sometimes you might be surprised to see that certain phobias you deal with the result of what has happened at the time of your conceiving.

Kinesiology can enable the integration of possessed primitive reflexes promptly and effectively with the help of simple movement programs. Kinesiology becomes a powerful tool to overcome these primitive fears with its ability to understand the underlying stress factors via muscle testing and promptly tending it.

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