How Kinesiology Can Help You Better Deal with Anxiety?

Kinesiology is derived from the term kinesis and is pronounced kinn-easy-ology (moving energy). It recognises and corrects stress (energy imbalances) in the body very effectively. While doing so, it improves and strengthens the person’s performance, natural healing ability, and overall quality of life. Finally, kinesiology aids people in becoming healthier and happier.

Kinesiology began in the 1960s in the chiropractic industry and has since expanded to include a variety of eastern and western modalities such as chiropractic, traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture, anatomy and physiology, homoeopathy, and so on. It also takes a more comprehensive approach to a person’s situation. To put it another way, the problem isn’t addressed in isolation; rather, kinesiology aids in the balancing and healing of numerous physiological systems.

Whether a person has a physical ailment or injury, is experiencing mental stress, has an allergy, is having problems learning, or wants to attain a specific life goal, the strategies and techniques used in kinesiology can help them achieve long-term gains in all of these areas. This technique is considerably more successful and suitable for everybody because it works in conjunction with a variety of other natural and medical treatments

We have very little time to focus on our mental and physical health because of our modern lifestyle. These aspects compile over time, stemming in impatience, stress, and unhappiness. As a result of these tensions, niggling aches and pains, tension headaches, back discomfort, eating disorders, insomnia, and other issues might arise.

What is this therapy, and how is stress certainly dealt with by Kinesiology?

Stress is heeded as a “lesser” mental condition than OCD and others. Having said that, the negative influence should not be overlooked. Today, almost everyone in Western society, regardless of age or gender, is affected by stress.

Working long and demanding office hours, combined with a hectic personal life, can lead to increased stress and anxiety. In other cases, anxiety and stress are inherited and are part of their chemical makeup. The only solution appears to be to achieve an optimal work/life balance. However, it is not easy to achieve in practice.

Continuous stress and anxiety are enough to cause physical pain in the muscles. As a result, stress and anxiety cause sleep deprivation, immune disorders, and other symptoms.

Kinesiology is a healing modality that focuses on the “whole body.”

Few healing modalities consider the entire body when developing a treatment plan. Kinesiology considers the following factors:

  • Emotional
  • Physical
  • Mental
  • Chemical
  • Spiritual
  • Subconscious

What Does Kinesiology Offer For Stress Management?

An experienced kinesiologist will begin the treatment with gentle muscle monitoring. The nature of the stresses and where they affect the body are investigated. On the basis of data compiled, a therapy strategy is designed.

Are you looking for a Kinesiology Therapist in London?

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