Know How Kinesiology Can Aid To Overcome Intolerances/Sensitivities

Intolerances/Sensitivities are at the root cause of many vexing symptoms, including digestive issues, skin responses, and hay fever, to mention a few. Using Kinesiology muscle testing procedures, they can determine what foods or other items your body energetically rejects.

What health kinesiology approach is required to repair it? What can you anticipate when it has been repaired?

What is the best approach to reintroducing this substance/food?

Using Health Kinesiology To Treat sensitivities/ Intolerances

Health Kinesiology is a useful technique for identifying and correcting food and other sensitivities and tolerance issues. To asses and treat intolerance issues, they employ muscle testing and acupuncture point balance. In this manner, possibly after a little isolation time, you will be able to experience what previously caused issues without experiencing a reaction.

They examine the mental, physical, and emotional components of your problems using Kinesiology for sensitivities. The psychological factors that may be exacerbating your symptoms are removed and they develop your energy system so that it is capable of interacting with chemicals you come into contact with on a regular basis.

What Exactly Is An Intolerances/Sensitivities?

An intolerance/sensitivity, according to Kinesiology, occurs when a substance causes a disruption in the body’s normal flow and balance of meridian energy. A tolerance issue is not the same as an allergy. A Tolerance level is the maximum amount of a chemical that a body can tolerate at any particular time on a good day. This depends on a variety of things, like your stress level, how active your immune system is, and so on. This explains why, while you’re on vacation, hangovers are typically not that awful.


In Kinesiology, Intolerances/Sensitivities are frequently integrated into the treatment of visible symptoms such as anaphylactic shock, eczema, digestive difficulties, and so on. They can, however, appear while treating anxiety, addictions, insomnia, brain fog, exhaustion, and a variety of other apparently unrelated symptoms.

Is Exclusion The Solution?

  • It is not always enough to just be aware of what you are incompatible with and avoid ingesting it.
  • Some of the irritants you are sensitive to are unavoidable, such as pollens and moulds.
  • It might be tough to stick to an exclusion diet.
  • It’s heartbreaking when they have to say no to our favourite item.
  • If they are not careful, exclusion may result in a restricted and boring diet.

When there are underlying psychological issues or electromagnetic disturbances in the body, dietary modifications might provide temporary relief, but the symptoms return, and retesting can reveal new sensitivities.

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