Planning for Joy with Kinesiology

When it comes to maintaining our well-being, joy is arguably the most important emotion. The absence of joy in my clients’ lives is the most common emotional stressor I see. This lack of joy has a greater impact on our body’s circuits or systems than any other emotional stressor.

Treating The Whole Body Instead Of Precisely The Signs.

One of the myriad endurance of Kinesiology is that it looks at the whole body when looking for unevenness that may be bestowing to impoverished health. A whole-body approach includes four components: physical, chemical, energetic, and mental.

  • Physical – Muscles, organs, nervous system, blood
  • Chemical – the nutrition we eat, both good and bad, vitamins and minerals, and environmental toxins.
  • Energy – flow of energies within and around our bodies.
  • Mental – reflects our emotional state and the thoughts we have.

These four elements do not work in isolation; rather, they work in tandem. As a result, when one aspect is hampered, the others are likely to suffer as well. Most people understand how chemical stressors, such as poor food choices or toxins, affect the physical body, but few realise how our mental state can have a similar impact.

The Immune System Is Suppressed By Negative Thinking

The medical community is well aware that stress has a harmful influence on the body. However, few people are aware of how our ideas and emotions might influence our health. The immune system is literally suppressed by negative ideas and emotions. Positive ideas and optimism, on the other hand, can strengthen our immune system.

Emotional Effects On Meridians 

Muscle testing is used in kinesiology treatments to determine where the body’s imbalances lie. Each muscle test is linked to a separate energy circuit in the body that feeds a certain organ. Meridians are the name for these energy circuits.

We all face emotional pressures on a daily basis, and if these emotions are strong enough and not addressed, they will lodge in the body and obstruct the flow of energy.

Various emotions have different effects on different meridians. Grief, for example, may have an adverse effect on the meridians that serve the Lungs and Large Intestine. Fear can have an effect on the Kidneys and Bladder.

A lack of joy is the one emotion that affects more meridians than any other. The Heart, Small Intestine, Glandular System, Circulation, and Sexual Organs are all linked to this emotion.

Absence Of Joy Is The Major Emotional Stressor

The lack of joy is by far the most significant emotional stressor for many of my clients. During these sessions, kinesiology frequently inquires about the client’s activities that bring them delight. Most people can articulate what makes them happy, but few appear to have the time to do so. Life invariably seems to get in the aisle.

The Importance Of Planning For Joy

The point we are trying to make here is that joy is essential fuel for our bodies, but so few of us actually take the time to do the things that make us happy. Joy rarely comes until we make deliberate efforts to bring it into our lives.

Think What Brings Joy In Your Life? 

Hiking, cooking, playing an instrument, pursuing a hobby, or simply reading literature are all possibilities. Then ask yourself why you aren’t doing these things. What’s holding me back? What are my justifications for not doing it?

Whenever we experience delight in our life, it is almost always because we or others have arranged for it. We may have had more delight as children as a result of activities or events organised by our parents, family, or school. We forget as grownups that joy rarely enters our lives on its own; we have to work for it.

Another method to make use of the Joylist Planner is to make a list of things to do in short periods of time.

  • Try to find out what these delights are!
  • Discover what you admire and what you would savour.
  • Entail a few brief everyday leisure activities such as playing any instrument, relaxing in a garden for, or anything that makes you joyous.

Integrating all these pastimes into your life can drastically alter your perception of time.

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