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About Relationships

We as humans are social creatures and as such we need relationships with other people to thrive. Health Kinesiology can help us improve nature of our relationships both with loved ones and in the workplace.

There are 3 main types of relationships in our lives: with Loved ones/Professional, Objects and with Self. Their quality is dictated by the Programs, Traumas and Beliefs that we carry (Un/Consciously). When we modify these inner aspects, we inevitably change the quality of our relationships for the better. Ultimately, ‘Relationships’ affect every area of our lives, yet most regard ‘things’ from the stance of separation in terms of compartmentalisation, not necessarily realising “How we show up in one area, is how we show up throughout.”

Emotional Fruit Bowl

‘Relationship’ in its most simple form is the way two or more people/objects are connected with each other.

Imagine two fruit bowls, containing apples and oranges, yet one has avocados and the other one has bananas. When they come into relationship with one another (are then connected) the connection will be between apples and oranges (the fruits they have in common), yet bananas and avocados will not play much of a part in this connection. Human Beings are more complex than fruit bowls, however the principle remains the same.

If both individuals feel insecure, angry and frustrated, yet only one party feels joyful much of the time and the other tends to feel loving, the main relationship will mostly consist of insecurity, anger and frustration. Despite both people having positive qualities, they tend to bring out the “worst” in each other, because these are the traits they have in common. In other words, the denominating states are ‘negative, so this is what will surface the most.

Once the ‘negative’ fruits (traits) are identified, it’s relatively easy to change the relationship between the two fruit bowls for a more ‘positive’ outcome. For example, we can add bananas to the one with avocados or we can take away apples from one and leave them in the other. The nature of connection will inevitably change as a result! However, it’s not so straightforward where people are concerned. Firstly, it can be difficult to know exactly what “our fruit bowl” contains, which feelings are at the root cause of our being etc. Secondly, it’s near impossible to demand change from others. This leaves only one option, to change ourSELF!

Work on Yourself to see change in your Partner

Most perceive relationships outside theirSELF, yet as Quantum Physics illustrates, the way in which we ‘See’ something inevitably affects how it shows up. In a sense, our belief as to how a person will appear, will result in the outcome. lt can be difficult for someone without a Scientific background to grasp that “Everything is Energy”, yet once that premise is accepted and all else is regarded from a place of Vibration-Frequency, it’s then easier to ‘See’ how our very BEing can influence not only other people, yet objects too. ‘Objects’ can include tangible things such as material matters, yet also addictions. Essentially, it’s anything which entails your non-human relationships. It might seem odd to assert we can have ‘relationships’ with ‘things’, yet when ‘they’ affect our States (whether in a ‘positive’ or ‘negative’ manner), they’ve some degree of power over the quality of our life-experiences etc.

Going back to the previous example, imagine one party having worked through and released feelings of anger, insecurity and frustration. As a result, when in connection with the other person, these ‘negative’ states are not brought up and a space is created for feelings of joy and love instead. The person who did the work on themSELF, changed the nature of their relationship without changing the other person.

Health Kinesiology will change the content of your fruit bowl

Because it can be tricky to change the contents of our ‘bowl’, we can instead rearrange things so that the unwanted fruit doesn’t have dominance. So, our relationship with these types of fruit (people) can also change. Some people are quite good at accessing their Subconscious-Unconscious levels via Meditation or other techniques to change the content of their fruit bowl, yet most would benefit from external assistance in the form of Therapy. One of the most effective Therapies techniques is Ethnogenetic Psychology, and Health Kinesiology. Fortunately, it’s relatively easy to find out what worked, as the relationship with that troubled person will also change.

This can be explained by Quantum Physics, which states “There is no out there, out there” as everything we ‘See’ around us is simply a Reflection of what insight us. Understanding this makes it easier to work out what our “fruit bowl” of feelings contains. For example, if we constantly come across people who seem to want to dominate, cheat or are abusive toward us, this simply reflects there must be some kind of “fruit” that connects us with that aspect of their fruit bowl.