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Sexual Disorders

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Understanding Sexuality

In the era of readily available pornographic material, find out what is your real sexuality as opposed of perceived sexuality

Satisfying experience

Remove obstacles that stop you from enjoying a satisfying experience in your sexual life

Heal Traumas

Heal any traumas or fears around your body and sexual experience in gentle and effective way

About Sexual Disorders

The most common sexual disorders are anorgasmia in women (difficulty achieving orgasm) or Erectile Dysfunction and premature ejaculation in men. But there are quite many more that can impede the quality of your sexual life.

According to statistics about 50% of sexual disorders have psychological causes and lack any physiological underlay. It is important to see your doctor first to exclude any physiological causes of your troubles like infection or poor circulation etc.

As some of disorders like Erectile Dysfunction can be easily treated pharmacologically (with medications like viagra), some require lengthy therapy aimed at reeducating the body and rewriting the underlying unconscious programs towards more healthy/satisfying form of expression of your sexuality.

Understanding Sexuality

In the modern day, many young people gain their knowledge about sexuality from the internet and pornographic material. Education at school is mostly focused on reproduction and at home these topics are often found to be too uncomfortable to speak about. No wonder then that around 50% of non-physiological sexual complaints can be resolved with proper education. Health Kinesiology sessions can help to remove any hang ups related to ones sexuality and Eli can offer insights based on scientific research and understanding into both male and female sexuality in a friendly, exhaustive and non threatening manner.

Healing Traumas

Sometimes a negative experience can color how we perceive any future interactions similar to that where the traumatic experience took place. This can really take joy out of life.

Sometimes there was no negative experience at all but the mere thought of intimate relationship can be so frightening that it impacts our ability to either perform or to enjoy the intimacy. Health Kinesiology can address root causes of these fears, and traumas allowing them to heal so they no longer negatively impact the way intimacy is experienced.