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Thank you Eli

I had anxiety and high stress level for quite a big amount of time. After 3 sessions with Eli Chan I felt a big relief. Sleep deprivation went away. During the session it seemed like I don’t understand what us happening exactly. But Eli is always ready to explain what she is doing and how […]

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Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

John was diagnosed with Seasonal Affective Disorder and as the name suggest from very active person during summer months he plummeted into depression and anxiety during winter months. It became clear that he has been putting too high expectations on himself and he was burning out as a result of them, this coincided with winter […]

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Mean Boss

Barbara had problems with her boss at work. There was a change in management and Barbara was presented with a new boss who clearly disliked her and made her feel threatened and on edge whenever the boss was around. After completing 2 sessions Barbara’s boss stopped appearing threatening and she recognized that he isn’t actually […]

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Working on yourself to change your partners behaviour

Anna had problems with her partner in relationship to such extent that they were considering a divorce. It took 4 sessions to complete. After only 2 sessions Anna has noticed improvement The partner who was seemingly the source of majority of the tension in relationship stopped with behaviors that were leading to conflicts without participating […]

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