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Skin problems

Resolution of acne, eczema and other skin problems


Natural way of relieving stress, anxiety as well as gentle and effective in healing traumas

Food intolerances

Resolving issues with food and other substance intolerances. Relief from hayfever and improving gut health


We often start thinking about our health once things start to go wrong and we are faced with symptoms that negatively affect our quality of life. Natural Bioenergetics, very effectively, can identify and remove energetic root causes that manifest in the form of symptoms. This gentle non-invasive system is very safe and highly effective in restoring inner balance and activating the body’s natural ability to heal and self-regulate. This system can improve almost every aspect of health to include:

Food Intolerances/Sensitivities

From the perspective of natural Bioenergetics not only chemical composition of substances is considered but also the energetic – vibrational signature. On the quantum level everything is energy and our bodies interact with substances on both biochemical and energetic levels. If body doesn’t recognise energy signature of a given substance it can manifest in a form of intolerance or allergy on physical level. If energy signature is not recognised the body can mistakenly store toxins and reject nutrients. By reeducating body’s energy system with correct vibrational information body can start to correctly recognise substances it comes in contact with and stop rejecting nutrients – food intolerances/allergies and start expelling toxins, storage of which can manifest in skin problems, fatigue, problems with focus,memory and many more. As it is relatively easy to reeducate energy system to recognise substances correctly, building significant tolerance levels ( so you are no longer challenged when in contact with a substance, even on a bad day) takes a little bit more time.

Skin Problems

Skin problems such as eczema, psoriasis, acne, hives, alopecia, and other skin disorders can have different causes on an energetic level. These can include mental and emotional stress, intolerances or sensitivities to foods or environmental factors, diet, dysfunction in the body’s ability to remove toxins, or any combination of the above. Health kinesiology can identify the root causes specific to each person and find the most effective way of dealing with them.


Energy blockages can cause symptoms not only on physical but also on mental and emotional levels. These can manifest as procrastination, low self esteem, learning/reading difficulties, fears and anxieties, limiting belief systems, poor memory function, difficulties focusing, intrusive thoughts and many more. Health Kinesiology can address the blockages on psychological and mental functioning levels allowing you to function at your full potential.


Traumatic experiences, especially in childhood but in adult life as well can create energetic blockages, that stop us from functioning to our full potential and can severely limit our quality of life. For example if we were hurt by someone as a child we might avoid being hurt again by not opening ourselves to others and keeping them at distance. This will impair our ability to form meaningful relationships. By removing the trauma and associated with it energetic blockages, trust can be restored and a courage gained to open ourselves up to others.