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The London Kinesiology clinic run by Eli Chan

Health Kinesiologists provide the help for your body to heal itself. We balance your whole energy system and, in doing so, facilitate a self-healing process.

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Enjoy benefits of highly effective online sessions from the comfort of your home.
Muscle response monitoring Natural

Healing system based on thousands of years worth of experience from Traditional Chinese Medicine System

Sexual Disorders Non-Invasive

Sessions can be delivered from a distance or in person while fully clothed with minimum touching

Couples Therapy Effective

Subtle yet effective in helping wide range of complaints by restoring natural healing ability of the body

Pranic Healing Therapist

Health Kinesiology really is a complete therapeutic system, as anything that is a problem in the body or mind can be addressed.

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Health Kinesiology in London

Health Kinesiology, also known as Natural Bioenergetics, is a Natural Healing system based on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). TCM is a time-tested medical system that many worldwide have employed and benefited from across the millennia. An important aspect of TCM is the use of Acupuncture, one of the few natural therapies that is fully backed up by clinical research. TCM focuses on blockages in the flow of life force, also known as Qi (Chi). These blockages are understood to be responsible for all physical, mental, and emotional symptoms in the form of ‘dis-ease’.

Natural Bioenergetics uses Muscle response monitoring to identify such energy blockages. Once identified, this unique system enables the practitioner to find the most direct and effective means of removing the blockage. Re-establishing the healthy flow of Qi enables the body to heal naturally without the need for external, and potentially harmful, interventions. Health Kinesiology is a holistic system, addressing the entirety of a person on physical, mental, emotional, as well as other more subtle levels.

OneBrain Kinesiology

Muscle response monitoring enables the body to fully communicate with the practitioner, without the interference of our mental processes. In this way, the body is able to reveal all of its hidden imbalances, and their direct causation- what caused them, and when. Often these have been resident for a long time, usually beginning in childhood. As a result, each session is truly unique and enables the practitioner to directly target all of your individual needs.

Health Kinesiology really is a complete therapeutic system, as anything that is a problem in the body or mind can be addressed. The body doesn’t lie! As such, it offers a safe and highly effective way to recovery.

This system is highly effective in resolving issues such as skin problems (eczema, acne ect) substance intolerances and sensitivities, gut health issues such as IBS, fears, anxiety, traumas, low self esteem, fatigue, low mood, depressive episodes, conflict in relationships, spiritual growth and many more…

About the therapist

Eli Chan has a Masters degree in Psychology with specialisation in Sexual Disorders and Couples Therapy. During her studies Eli realised that relationships are at the foundation of all human interaction (including objects) and helping people resolve their relationship issues is her life’s passion. Eli completed many courses including such as Pranic Healing by Master Choa Kok Sui, the Bronnikov Technique and Three-in-One concepts OneBrain Kinesiology. After graduating university Eli decided to expand her knowledge of Kinesiology with courses in Touch For Health and Health Kinesiology.

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    stress-img1Skin Problems

    Bio-Well Assessment

    Bio-well is an assessment device which measures the photonic discharge levels from fingertips and translates them onto the overal bio-energy state of the organism. It is an amazing device that in couple of minutes can give us insight into tie stress levels of the organism, the relationship between sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system as well as the energy levels and balance within different organ networks. It is based on the traditional Chinese Medicine system and can show the energy levels across meridian networks as well as the chakra alignment and organ coherence.

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    Health Kinesiology Therapist in London

    Looking for Kinesiology Therapist in London? Kinesiology is a non-invasive alternative therapy that works with your body’s energy system which addresses physiological, mechanical, and psychological mechanisms. A muscle-testing therapy that tells the Kinesiologist what your body needs in terms of nutrition, supplements, vitamins, minerals and more.

    Kinesiology Therapist in London offers a bespoke treatment that’s as unique as you are

    You will leave knowing the specific key lifestyle changes you need to make that can make all the difference and allow your body to get back on track. The latest in health top tips and styles of eating will be explained. Investing in your health today will bring health benefits for your future. By treating each client as the unique individual they are, our London based Kinesiology practice is better able to help you achieve a sense of health and wellbeing.

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    Your healing journey starts here. Book your free consultation

    Working on yourself to change your partners behaviour

    Anna had problems with her partner in relationship to such extent that they were considering a divorce.

    It took 4 sessions to complete. After only 2 sessions Anna has noticed improvement The partner who was seemingly the source of majority of the tension in relationship stopped with behaviors that were leading to conflicts without participating in any therapy sessions himself.

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